Sunday, September 16, 2012

i am a big girl

yep i started high school. yep i hate it. haha just teasin i dont hate it i only like it for two reasons. 1 the boys are sooo fine. like its ridiculous! ha 2 i can leave whenevaaaaaaaa i want. yay. don't worry. i have only done it twice! yep just got up and walked outta clas.. ahh boo yah.

this did not just happen.

wow okay so its been like 5 years since i last posted. oh my gosh wow. i would always think people were retarded that wouldn't post for like a year. well i guess i am the retarded one now. but dont you worry i will be posting lots because i miss blogging everyday for no one to read since no one ever looks at my blog hahahaha. its okay tho. i am not offended because i am weird so theres no point in reading this. anyways a lot has happened in five years. obviously! well my summer is now over and my life is filled with the most wonderful thing ever. physch! school is definitly not wonderful. can i just say i hate being "smart". HA i am actually not smart but somehow i grabbed some other kaci's schedule and have alllllllllllllll honors classes and it just is possibly the worst thing ever. i have to be up at the school at 7 am. so my alarm is set for 5:30. YES FIVE THIRTY IN THE MORNING IS WHEN I WAKE UP EVERYDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! and then i have dance from 7-9 and then math then seminary then lunch then history then english. oh its just grand. blaaaaaaaaaah.

Monday, February 20, 2012

so blessed

my family's hot. i love them so much! we miss our hot rod so much but he is doing awesome things! jealous of those lucky people in ohio!! we have a new little addition joining this bunch in a couple hours! :) stay tuned

we be crusin the pacific.

our cruise started on halloween, and yes we partied. we partied like rockstars. i love catalina islands / avalon. i love ensenada. i love the boat. i just looooooove cruises. definitely recommend it. plus the food is to die for. ahh yum!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

i'm blogging during the super bowl. coool. i have LOTS to post soooo stay tuned! peace

Thursday, January 26, 2012

holy crap

i am so bad at blogging! i used to look at other people and be like "how cannot you not have time for this?! its soo easy!" yeah while now i am thinkin it to myself. and i apologize!! i have been crazy busy. which is good right? yes! grady is doin GREAT in ohio. i miss him soo much..and i love hime even more. dani and deja stayed with us and it was so fun! i miss my little cutie pie but i will get to see her soon:) as for sucks. cannot wait to be done! ahh! basketballs over:( i was sad. i would love it if y'all would PRAY FOR SNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! because i would be a very happy camper if we finally got some!!!! wooot wooot! k bye.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

in a pickle

I am obsessed with pinterest. and houzz. and that's all I want to do. all day. everyday! I am in a tough pickle! haa no I am really not. duh.